We take your data security and privacy very seriously


We take your data security and privacy very seriously


It is our duty to inform you about the use we will make of your personal data and possibly those of your family members, communicated during the supply and sale of our products and the related accounting, data that we “treat” with the methods and for the purposes specified below.

In the execution of certain practices, processing operations are also carried out relating to “particular” data. The data requested by you are and will be only those that are essential for the correct management – execution of the requested activities.

Below we provide the information required by the legislation in force regarding the processing of your data, stating that the abbreviation RE refers to the European Regulation on personal data n. 2016/679 and we ask you to read this before giving explicit consent to the processing of your data.

1) Identity and contact details of the data controller (Art. 13 c. 1 letter a-b RE): the data controller is the Sole Director of the company, who is also responsible for the processing, to whom he can contact for any inconvenience and for further information; the relative “contact” data are reported here.

2) Identity and contact details of the external data processor (Art. 13 c. 1 lett. b RE): your data will not be communicated and / or transmitted to another external manager, except as indicated below. For the transmission of invoices only, upon transmission, the ns. tax consultant – accountant assumes the status of “Data Processor”. For operations that involve the subsequent transmission of your data to third parties, you will be asked to allow communication to the third party simultaneously with the signing of the booking.

3) Purpose of the processing (Art. 13 c. 1 lett. c RE): your data is used solely for the execution of the following activities: keeping the accounts relating to the sale of our products, any newsletters for commercial information of TECNOTEL s.r.l .; as a rule the data defined as “special” are contained only in the paper documentation delivered for the execution of the order / reservation.

4) Treatment for different purposes (Art. 13 c. 3 RE): if we intend to use the data for purposes other than those indicated above, further information will be provided and you will be asked to give your consent again. We assure you that we will not proceed to diffuse your data indiscriminately to different subjects, to use them for different purposes and, in particular, to use them for commercial and / or marketing initiatives.

5)  Data recipients data transfer  (Art. 13 c. 1 lett. e – f RE): the recipients of the data are only the professionals used by the company and the administrations / bodies. The data will not be transferred to a third country or other subject indicated in letter f of the art. 13 c. 1 of the RE.

6) Processing methods: the data will also be processed with electronic systems and we assure you that we have taken all the measures deemed necessary and / or appropriate to maintain the integrity of the data, to prevent loss, even accidental, as well as unauthorized access.

7)  Data retention period (Art. 13 c. 2 lett. a RE): your data will be kept by the company in accordance with the provisions of the law in force and, in any case, for at least ten years; we kindly ask you to sign the relative exemption consent, at the bottom of this letter; the lack of consent in derogation will lead to the fact that any reconstruction of data must be carried out on the basis of paper documentation, with possible subsequent new data processing. In any case, it is understood that if it ceases to make use of our company’s activities, even in the absence of any communication aimed at the cancellation of your data, these will be subject to a “block” by the company itself with the suspension of any and all processing.

8)  Our obligations towards you and the exercise of your rights (Art. 13 c. 2 lett. b-d RE): we have the obligation to protect the integrity of your data, to treat them correctly and only for the purposes indicated above, to update them, to protect their confidentiality, to prevent unauthorized access and / or disclosure of the data. At any time you may request further information about the processing we have performed and request access, rectification, limitation, opposition to the processing of your personal data, to the contact details indicated above. If our reply is not considered satisfactory, we may lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (eg. the Privacy Guarantor).

9) Consequences of the failure to communicate the data or the subsequent request for limitation or opposition to the processing (Art. 13 c. 2 lett. e RE): the processing of data for the aforementioned purposes is essential and essential for the purposes of the regular execution of the company’s activities and, in the event of your refusal to provide the data and to allow its processing and communication to the aforementioned subjects or to those indicated in subsequent letters of appointment, this refusal will make it impossible to proceed correctly with the execution of the activities.

10) Further notes and clarifications Receipt of communications and data from the company: your e-mail address is used by the company to send any communications and for commercial and / or marketing initiatives.


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